• For Employers, Content is King too

    We have had the privilege of advising RB for 9 months now. Working with our friends over at Thirty Three, we’re using social and digital to help RB raise awareness of their employer brand…and then some.

    RB’s story is an interesting but not an unusual one: their brands are extremely well-known, but the organisation was not recognised as a leading, global employer. So in today’s noisy networked economy, where everyone is a publisher and 500 million tweets are sent every day, how do you achieve cut-through?  How do organisations create that space for the critical, genuine engagement with the people that will drive their success in the months and years ahead?

    Our social strategy for RB has addressed that challenge head-on.

    Firstly, people buy people (or as Euan Semple would have it, “Organisations don’t tweet, People do“). We recognised that in order to differentiate RB, humanise the brand, and bring the “#GameChanger” association to life, we needed to empower RB people to tell their stories. So, rather than deploying typical ‘faceless’ corporate accounts, RB’s global social engagement on Facebook and Twitter is led by individual Game Changers, who volunteer from across the business.

    Secondly, RB recognises that content is king.

    Think for a second about the last piece of “employer branding” content that came your way.  Was it a piece of content that you’d want to share? 

    For corporate communicators, internal communications managers and employer branding specialists,  creating “content that people want to share” should be the mantra. At RB it’s at the heart of everything they do. Couple that with an internal culture of innovation, challenge and wanting to do things differently, and you perhaps end up with content like this…

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