Carve Consulting on health at work

Health at work is a topical issue, with the government pushing for employers to play a bigger role in promoting and improving the health of their employees. To help put a strategy behind this push, Dame Carol Black was named yesterday the first national director for health and work. The good news is, some organisations […]

Top 10 Strategic Benefits of Blogging

Post Source This is some thoughts from on the direct benefits of blogging for business.

Mashups for fun–and profit?

Not sure what a mash-up is? Check out the site Carve Consulting is about to launch for Cerco featuring some sexy Google mapping technology…

Web 2.0: New Trends In Online Traffic

Web 2.0 Memorably described as “part hype, part marketing jargon, part reality, not unlike late-night wrestling” by ARMA partners, the concept of ‘the new internet’ is nevertheless having a dramatic impact on internet development. What? Well to use a basic example, let’s say we want to develop a property website for an estate agent. When […]

What is the future of podcasts?

Interesting piece from ZNET, about the future of podcasts, though I’m not sure I agree with some of his points – especially regarding the “almost non searchable” nature of podcasts: has he not tried (!) Carve is about to launch our own podcasts soon. We’ll keep you posted..

WebOS market review

Here is an interesting article I came across on the ZNET blogs (view the original WebOS market review post by Richard MacManus). Is this the future of the Internet? Could this be the end of Micro$oft as we know it? Its too early to say….so watch this space

Carve Consulting’s Paul Harrison climbs Mont-Blanc. Or tries to.

Mont-Blanc overshadows the belle ville of Chamonix, where I met and married Adelaide. Despite being Europe’s tallest peak (EU expansion notwithstanding), it’s more of a risky steep walk than a fully fledged Everest-esque ascent, but I’m promised crampons and – much more excitingly – an ice axe: I can’t wait. I will be attempting raise […]

Carve Consulting: the importance of a unique voice for your brand

A superb article in media Guardian today about the value of a unique voice when it comes to customer dialogue. Though I guess you could detect an undercurrent of churlishness to Naresh’s comments, I for one was amazed to realise that DFS outspend Ikea by 10 to 1: I don’t know about anyone else reading […]

The power / risk of blogs to business

Looks like awareness of the power (and risk) of blogs to business is finally entering the mainstream: this was published on the BBC website a couple of days ago.. Carve offers specialist solutions and consulting in this area. We call it blog relations – check out Business bites the blogging bullet By Robert Plummer […]

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