Dullton & Hive City Council, People Management and “Spoof” campaigns: What makes YOU angry?

A guest post here from Struan Yallup, Head of Copy at recruitment advertising agency WDAD Good work Stru! Note to readers. This blog starts off like a rant about press advertising. Bear with me and we’ll get to the digital recruitment bit. Honest. Do you ever come across a piece of recruitment advertising that makes […]

Latest updates from Google

Google has been hard at work recently to enhance Adwords . Here are some of the new features that you can enjoy. If you’ve got any doubts about the benefits of using Adwords, Google has recently released 6 video testimonials which are now available online on the UK Google Channel on YouTube and feature testimonials […]

Good news for members of Plaxo

The CEO of Plaxo has good news for its members. In a letter sent recently he informs us that “Plaxo has signed a definitive agreement** to be acquired by Comcast, the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services.” He goes on to say that “Plaxo will remain an independent brand, organization […]

Can Social Media end Poverty?

Oxfam certainly believes it can. They have joined forces with Global Call to Action Against Poverty and appointed a specialist social media agency to launch a widget as part of their campaign to end poverty. The new widget can be installed across multiple websites and in a variety of different languages. N.G.O’s are increasingly using […]

Should You Be Giving Links Away?

Linking is vitally important if you want your site to rank highly with search engines. Why? Sage Lewis from Search Engine Watch answers this question in simple terms. “If an important site links to you that makes you a little more important. Additionally, if you’re important and you give a link to another Web site, […]

What kind of Twitterer are you?

Twittering seems to be all the go these days. So much so that Pete Blackshaw recently wrote the following article. “Imagine if astute political observer and philosopher Niccole Machiavelli parachuted back into our world to see all the strange new media specimens of Earth twittering away during their idle moments. How would he react? What […]

Would you buy an island from Second Life?

The use of Virtual Worlds as a recruitment tool has been much hyped of late – TMP hosted the UK’s first ever “virtual world” careers fair last year, Kelly Services launched its own island in SecondLife, and GCHQ, the Government Intelligence Organisation, has been advertising in online gaming to tempt web-savvy graduates to become spies. […]

MyLongLunch: Speed dating style networking for agencies and media

Later on today I’ll be opening proceedings at MyLongLunch’s “My Working Lunch”. Lauched by Jamie Leornard and the team over at MLL, it’s a great idea that brings together agencies and media in a speed dating / elevator pitch type format. Basically, agencies move from table to table, meeting media owners who get the chance […]

Grand Theft Auto IV and In-Game advertising

The recent launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, the top selling video game, has got people thinking about the benefits of In-Game advertising. Gary Stein from The ClickZ Network believes that marketers should consider video games as advertising options. Firstly you need to select the right game for your brand. GTA for example has certain […]

Twitter. What is it? Should you care?

Not sure how many of you have caught the Twitter bug, but it really is strangely addictive. When pushed to describe it to people, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Telling people “its micro blogging – instant and mobile” and that “you follow and are followed by people, with whom you’re able to share […]