The best recuitment video ever?

Yes, this is o-l-d ( especially in internet time ) but since we’re so often talking about using video in recruitment / branding these days – and people are always asking for the link – here it is again: [vimeo][/vimeo] Genius. Why? Well, imagine trying to capture this workplace / culture in another way […]

Employer Brands & Social Media – Podcast

I was interviewed in Chicago by Peter Clayton of Total Picture Radio / JobRadio.FM If you missed the conference and / or are interested in blogs and brands, engaging your staff, online reputation management and so on, you can listen to the podcast here And yes, I’m sure Chris Moyles and Co are nervously shifting […]

Online Reputation Management – for Brands, Employers and Recruiters

Augmenting our successful Blog Relations solutions, we’re now able to offer real-time social media analtytics and alerts. Using our own bespoke methodologies coupled with tools like Radian 6, we track conversations about your organisation in social spaces and online communities. By tracking dialogue around your products, brand names, executive team, competitors, and industry sectors, we […]

US Presidential Election night: ePolitics comes the full circle

So its 01:28 UK time, and I was going to write a detailed blog tonight about a couple of things concerning the US presidential elections. Firstly, probably like the vast majority of the rest of planet that doesn’t have a vote in the US presidential election (an election that arguably effects us as much our […]

Carve talking at Global Recruitment Conference 2008

Thanks to Alan and the team over at Recruitment Communities Europe for inviting us to speak at the Global Recruitment Conference 2008. We’re going to be talking about Emmployer Brands and the Social Media and looking at: – the types of conversations that take place online – how candidates are using social tools – from […]