Developing a Social Media Strategy

I recently spoke at the British Library on the subject of developing a social media strategy with a focus on social recruiting for the social media in recruitment event Thanks to those of you who attended the event and participated in the debate afterward. For those who didn’t I include a copy of the pres […]

Brands: be careful what you tweet for

The FT just published a good article on how brands market themselves on Twitter. The article notably compares how Twitter created a hugely successful viral campaign for KFC’s new grilled chicken, whilst Habitat is still suffering from the backlash to its “#MOUSAVI Join the database for free to win a £1,000 gift card” campaign. To […]

Reputation management: impact of social media, citizen journalism and online PR

I’ve just been reading a really interesting post by Alex Asigno about the ethics of reputation management. I think it is a particularly tricky area right now as more conversations about brands take place online and more people purport to offer reputation management. It is tricky for a few reasons, firstly because traditionally reputation management […]