‘Social media spectators’: nearly everyone you know who “doesn’t use Twitter”

Okay so these are US figures (from Forrester) but it is still pretty compelling: 3 out of 4 adults who use the internet fall into this ‘spectator’ social media category – those who consume social media but don’t contribute. How many people do you know who don’t use the internet? Even if your friends, colleagues, […]


You guessed it – it’s the Daily Mail-o-matic headline generator.

PR leading social media? If your survey says so…

As someone with a PR background, I have to say I thought this survey that showed PR people leading social media engagement in most companies in the US was pretty interesting but I did have a little giggle when I saw it was carried out by the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) and ipressroom […]

Facebook just a footnote in social media history?

Interesting article in The Age today claiming Facebook will be merely a footnote in social networking’s history and for those who doubt the impact social networking will have, those who are are “just waiting for this social media fad to pass” and “making sure it proves itself before we get involved”, this video I saw […]

Top 100 best reads on social media

I found a great resource today: The Top 100 Best Social Media Books, ever by Jurgen Appelo which is a pretty impressive feat considering he’scovered everything the novice to the expert might be intersted in and rated them all against several criteria. I came across this list thanks to David Meerman Scott, who has no […]

The NHS, social media and the rise of cyber-citizenship

Anybody on Twitter will have noticed the huge #welovenhs debate over the last few days following the rather uncalled for attack by US Republicans, who were trying to bring down Obama’s healthcare reforms. If you want the whole story, the Guardian will tell you all you need to know in the article it published today. […]

Facebook friending your employer…

So another cautionary tale from the Facebook in the Workplace front line. Anyone recognise these people? It feels authentic to me….