Blog comments – to be or not to be?

Discussing with a client recently about whether they should have comments on every page of their blog (which is actually a combination of a blog, a community hub and a website but is actually really just a blog) or to only allow comments on a few with moderation but on some without or not at […]

Vegemite makes 2.0 mainstream but at what price?

Here’s my (collectors?!) jar of Vegemite’s iSnack2.0 which I couldn’t help buy when I saw it at Foodland (at a significant discount) yesterday. And there’s no danger of this jar ever being opened given my family made their own decision on an appropriate name based on their taste test of the original Name Me jar: […]

5 must-read reputation management posts last week

Here are my picks of the best reads last week about things you should consider if you are responsible for your brand’s reputation online. Please note: A big hat tip to Gavin Heaton (or @servantofchaos) who provided the insipration for this post. His weekly “5 must read posts from last week” are great reading which […]

Top 100 Twitter tools – which one is best?

Brian Solis on his PR2.0 blog has collated and published this amazing list of the top 100 ways you can use Twitter. Twitter Client Market Share 1. Web,40.945% 2. API,11.6418% (custom applications, scripts or bots) 3. TweetDeck,6.635% 4. UberTwitter,4.288% 5. twitterfeed,3.9538% 6. txt,3.9254% 7. mobile web,3.567% 8. TwitterFon,2.4622% 9. Tweetie,2.1434% 10. TwitterFox,1.3588% 11. Echofon,1.3356% 12. […]

Twitter Sentiment Tracking

Sometimes I forget that a lot of tools we’re aware of aren’t necessarily known to everyone, so I will try and make a point of remembering to post them up here. Case in point was in Prague yesterday when I did a quick ‘Twitter sentiment snapshot’ of Virgin Atlantic using on the big screen. […]

Gary’s social media count

I just discovered Gary’s social media count (when I saw his tweet that it has, quite literally, been an overnight success – 400 RTs in last 24 hrs). The awesome little app shows just how amazingly fast the social web is constantly and rapidly growing: Here’s a bit of background from Gary Hayes blog post […]

Social Media Strategies for Travel

I am in beautiful Prague today talking at the Eye for Travel ( Sales and Marketing Summit. I am doing a joint – unrehearsed – presentation with Allison Wightman from Virgin Atlantic, can’t wait.. Check back here ( or drop us an email – ) for the presentation after its released, and for feedback […]

New figures show women taking over social networks

The “mummies on the bus go chatter, chatter, chatter” sound familiar? Research released from Neilsen in the UK shows that women (over 35) are the fastest growing demongraphic on sites like Twitter and MySpace as reported by The Times: Figures gathered for The Times by Nielsen, the market research firm, show that just over half […]

Latest on LinkedIn – recommendations more valuable than a reference?

LinkedIn Recommendations & Jeremiah Owyang is an interesting (and comic) article by Jason Alba looking at why you should consider requesting/giving recommendations via your LinkedIn profile. I know there’s a lot of skepticism about LinkedIn in Australia, and it hasn’t perhaps yet proved itself here. Social network strategist Laurel Papworth recently suggested to a packed […]

Is digital now expected in a PR strategy?

Only a miniscule 64 PR companies participated in the UK’s PR Week digital survey released yesterday which showed the majority of clients (83%) are now expecting a digital element to PR campaigns, but what was also interesting was the range of budgets for those highlighted as the best campaigns – they ranged from ‘no direct […]