Social Media Influence

Some interesting slides in this deck (although the data is a year or so old), especially around how companies who have “Best in class Social Media Practices” outperform other companies in terms of customer retention, ability to predict customer needs, and so on. Also very interesting visualisation of the areas in an organisation that are […]

10 top tips to build a better online community

As a brand, whether you’ve decided to set up a twitter account, a facebook fan page or a blog to get closer to and engage with your community the following top tips on how to love your community (well, it is nearly Valentine’s Day) from social media monitoring company Radian 6 are worth a read. […]

Google Buzz enters the social networking matrix. But is it too late?

For those of you who don’t follow the excellent Web Strategy blog written by Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group, here is a link to the matrix he has just built, comparing Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. There’s lots of great stuff in this matrix, and it gives a seriously good SWOT analysis of […]

Top 5 most ‘engaging’ brands in the UK

Three of the top five most engaging brands in the UK (as judged by research agency Hall & Partners) are brands that have defined how we interact on the internet and been at the frontier of the social media revolution so much so none of them actually exist outside the internet. The top five include […]

All the best 2010 Superbowl ads in one spot

Brilliant – for all you creative types out there, at least. Below you’ll find all the ads from the 44th NFL Superbowl (thanks to the clever people at, equally renowned for the competition on-field as it is for the creative warfare on-screen. Last year the NFL final was broadcast to a US audience of […]

Econsultancy’s 20+ mindblowing social media stats plus 2 Oz ones

Econsultancy has put together a snapshot of some of the statistics floating around about social media usage and compared it to six months ago. Regardless of all the bookmarking tools there are around, I’m always losing track of figures like this when I need them so I thought I’d whack them on here and I’ll […]