Corporate Social Networks

HR and the Social Business

Organisations are now social. The connected social customer forces companies to change the way they engage with their customers. For this reason, ‘social’ sits within the marketing function in 70% of organisations. But the emergence of the social employee – and a deeper understanding of the value of mass internal collaboration – presents HR leaders […]

Latest trend in social media recruitment

You wouldn’t want your partner to spot you on Tinder. But what about your employer spotting you on Enjoyment?    It was bound to happen and a perfect example of digital convergence: a developer has created ‘Emjoyment’, described as ‘like Tinder, for jobs’. It’s a great concept for the casual jobseeker (on their way to […]

Creating a Collaborative Culture

A lot of the work Carve does revolves around helping organisations become social businesses. What does that mean? Well on one level, it’s about implementing appropriate internal sharing technologies, enabling ‘frictionless’ collaboration and ideation between employees and business partners. But more important than the technology is creating a ‘culture of collaboration’. Only with that culture […]

British Gas #AskBG

Social media news is now regularly hitting the headlines on and offline, whether it be about the latest celebrity scandal, examples of online abuse or bullying, or when a well known brand does something either utterly brilliant… or inconceivably dumb. The subject matter? British Gas, or specifically #AskBG a Twitter chat that coincided with a major price […]

Social Business Internship

WHATEVER GAME YOU’RE IN, SOCIAL BUSINESS IS GOING TO CHANGE IT Paid Internship Opportunity with Carve Consulting LLP, a social business consultancy We are Carve, a social business consultancy that helps organisations use social technologies to improve business performance.  In today’s networked economy, organisations need to engage their customers, their employees and their community in the creation of value. We […]

The Professional Graph

When helping organisations become Social Businesses by getting closer to their customers, employees and industry trust agents /influencers, we use a model to describe the interplay between the social, interest and professional graphs. Instinctively we all maintain different types of social relationships: family and friends (the social graph), people who care about the things we […]

Linkedin: Content, Context, Connections

Very interesting presentation from Linkedin, looking at the power of recommendations that drive key actions on the platform (driving connection requests, job applications, group joins). Linkedin is placing an increasing emphasis on content, with connections providing a social dimension (what is relevance to me / my professional graph), and context determining when and where a […]

Social Business: how advanced is your organisation?

Based on research from 120 or so web strategists from large corporate companies, this research from Altimeter Group has some interesting content, not least the “Maturity level” test, enabling organisations to benchmark their current position. How Corporations Should Prioritize Social Business Budgets View more documents from Jeremiah Owyang

LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn Signal should be available for most of you today. If you haven’t already seen it, it allows you to create live, dynamic searches for topics of interest to you – just like a twitter search for #socialmedia will show live conversations around so that topic, so you can now save relevant searches via Signal. […]

The Social Collective Conference 2010

Our very own Paul Harrison is putting the finishing touches to his presention for tomorrow’s Social Collective Conference where he will be keynoting on social opportunities for brands in 2011. Paul will be discuss the tools and thinking that will shape how brands and customers use social media in the coming year: from location-based services […]