Digital Engagement

For Employers, Content is King too

We have had the privilege of advising RB for 9 months now. Working with our friends over at Thirty Three, we’re using social and digital to help RB raise awareness of their employer brand…and then some. RB’s story is an interesting but not an unusual one: their brands are extremely well-known, but the organisation was not recognised as a […]

What’s the cultural significance of a hashtag?

Def. hashtag: word or phrase preceded by the ‘#’ symbol. Is commonly used to name the symbol itself. We are living in a period of history known as the information, digital or new media age. Broadly defined as the shift from traditional industry to ‘information computerisation’ we can immediately see just how significant the hashtag […]

How to set up a Google Hangout on Air

Forget the days when running a live stream meant hiring a technician, having a dozen different cables coming out of your laptop, dealing with sound bugs, lags and awkward frozen screens. Forget the days when a live stream meant this: With Google Hangouts on Air, they can just be a click away! We loved using […]

Social Media Week: What is the future of Video?

This week I attended ‘The future of video’ – a Social Media Week event hosted by The Social Partners. Video is the medium closest to portraying how we see the world every day. It is a storyteller like no other, and the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine says a lot about […]

Digital Society: A Force for Good?

I’ve been very privileged to lecture on the University of Manchester’s Digital Society course over the last few months. This course has been developed by the University of Manchester Library, as part of the new University College for interdisciplinary learning. The culmination of this course is a live debate, looking at whether the digital society has […]

Social Media and Hackney at the House of Lords

As part of our work with the Learning Trust and Success in the Making, we recently went to the House of Lords with Hackney’s Trailblazers. On the day, we got the kids to suggest their ideas as to how they would promote Success in Hackney via social media, which they Tweeted live from the HoL […]

South Australia launches online community consultations

We were thrilled to have been at the launch of the community consultations for the update of the South Australian Strategic Plan today. It was inspiring to see so many community groups, businesses, individuals and government come together for the common goal of making the place we live the best it can be. South Australia […]

Can you separate online, offline, professional and private social networks

This is an enlightening presentation for anyone who is involved in social networking by Paul Adams, a UX researcher from Google. Probably most relevant for someone who’s daily actions can be fairly consistently tracked on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter and particularly those who want to keep their personal and professional lives separate online. The Real […]

The complaint, the compliment and your competitor + 7 other reasons to start listening to social media…today

I’ve just got back from an amazing (and enlightening) trip to London where I was lucky enough to receive a sneak preview of the new features coming soon to Radian6 (just one of the social media monitoring tools we use) which will make the interface super powerful for organisations. It made me realise just how […]

3 social media models – what’s right for your company?

In a great article from Advertising Age, Kunur Patel looks at the different social media models emerging in the corporate world: 1. Centralised – social media role functions at a senior level as used by Ford 2. Distributed – everyone in the organisation has a role in social media as seen at Best Buy 3. […]