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Social Media Strategies for Travel

I am in beautiful Prague today talking at the Eye for Travel ( Sales and Marketing Summit. I am doing a joint – unrehearsed – presentation with Allison Wightman from Virgin Atlantic, can’t wait.. Check back here ( or drop us an email – ) for the presentation after its released, and for feedback […]

New figures show women taking over social networks

The “mummies on the bus go chatter, chatter, chatter” sound familiar? Research released from Neilsen in the UK shows that women (over 35) are the fastest growing demongraphic on sites like Twitter and MySpace as reported by The Times: Figures gathered for The Times by Nielsen, the market research firm, show that just over half […]

Is digital now expected in a PR strategy?

Only a miniscule 64 PR companies participated in the UK’s PR Week digital survey released yesterday which showed the majority of clients (83%) are now expecting a digital element to PR campaigns, but what was also interesting was the range of budgets for those highlighted as the best campaigns – they ranged from ‘no direct […]

Social Media in Travel: volunteers required..

I am very much looking forward to speaking at the Sales & Marketing in Travel European Summit in Prague next month ( details ). I am going to be talking about how travel organisations can realise value from Corporate Social Networks. Specifically we’re going to look at how you can develop a social media strategy, […]

Moonfruit Twitter campaign: tracking the social buzz

We were talking to a potential client yesterday about a b2c social campaign, and the Moonfruit Twitter campaign was one of the examples we discussed. This reminded me that at the time we did a quick social snapshot of the buzz the campaign generated, and thought it would be cool to share. Full story here […]

Facebook just a footnote in social media history?

Interesting article in The Age today claiming Facebook will be merely a footnote in social networking’s history and for those who doubt the impact social networking will have, those who are are “just waiting for this social media fad to pass” and “making sure it proves itself before we get involved”, this video I saw […]

Developing a Social Media Strategy

I recently spoke at the British Library on the subject of developing a social media strategy with a focus on social recruiting for the social media in recruitment event Thanks to those of you who attended the event and participated in the debate afterward. For those who didn’t I include a copy of the pres […]

Brands: be careful what you tweet for

The FT just published a good article on how brands market themselves on Twitter. The article notably compares how Twitter created a hugely successful viral campaign for KFC’s new grilled chicken, whilst Habitat is still suffering from the backlash to its “#MOUSAVI Join the database for free to win a £1,000 gift card” campaign. To […]

Choosing a University suddenly got a whole lot easier – say hello to

We’re very pleased to have been recently appointed to devise the social media / search marketing strategy for

Online Communities: Content Creaters, Contributors, Consumers

In answer to a question we were asked by a client recently, I found an interesting article in Tech Guardian that pulls together some of the reseach we’ve read – and our findings – about contributors / consumers of content in online communities. The Guardian article, under the headline “The 1% rule“ records the oft […]