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Did you get a less than enthusiastic 33 team member on the phone today? Us too. Here’s why. Follow them on @WeAre33.


Interesting website that analyses how well companies are succeeding with social media campaigns. One of their most recent articles from www.techeyetimes.com is about how The Times has lost over 50% of traffic since moving to paid online content. For more info about hitwise go to http://www.hitwise.com/uk/

Social Media in Recruitment

Carve was asked last year to contribute a chapter to the Social Media in Recruitment guide, following a well received presentation I made on Corporate Social Networking ( where ‘Social Media meets Business’ ) at the British Library. Our chapter is focused on ‘Developing an Effective Corporate Social Networking Strategy‘ and draws on our experiences […]

Google Buzz enters the social networking matrix. But is it too late?

For those of you who don’t follow the excellent Web Strategy blog written by Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group, here is a link to the matrix he has just built, comparing Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. There’s lots of great stuff in this matrix, and it gives a seriously good SWOT analysis of […]

Social Media Marketing

Your handy automatically updated widget (thanks la Google) to the hot search phrases and trends around social media marketing, social media agency and social media consultants.

New Rules of Marketing & PR

I thought it might be interesting to keep track / share thoughts on some of the books that we’re reading, in the hope that we can distill / impart some of the wisdom’s therein (or not). I am catching up on David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR at the moment. To […]