New Rules of Marketing & PR

I thought it might be interesting to keep track / share thoughts on some of the books that we’re reading, in the hope that we can distill / impart some of the wisdom’s therein (or not). I am catching up on David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR at the moment. To […]

Facebook just a footnote in social media history?

Interesting article in The Age today claiming Facebook will be merely a footnote in social networking’s history and for those who doubt the impact social networking will have, those who are are “just waiting for this social media fad to pass” and “making sure it proves itself before we get involved”, this video I saw […]

Top 100 best reads on social media

I found a great resource today: The Top 100 Best Social Media Books, ever by Jurgen Appelo which is a pretty impressive feat considering he’scovered everything the novice to the expert might be intersted in and rated them all against several criteria. I came across this list thanks to David Meerman Scott, who has no […]