LinkedIn is going to kill your corporate website. (Don’t be scared, it’s good for you.)

A few months ago, while attending the Social Collective Conference in London, Paul Harrison (our lovely CEO) said that “your corporate website is going the way of the fax machine”. The audience remained pretty divided about the topic… As you already know, every company can have its page on LinkedIn. What started as a simple […]

The Social Collective Conference 2010

Our very own Paul Harrison is putting the finishing touches to his presention for tomorrow’s Social Collective Conference where he will be keynoting on social opportunities for brands in 2011. Paul will be discuss the tools and thinking that will shape how brands and customers use social media in the coming year: from location-based services […]

Nestle on Facebook

Nestle is currently fighting a losing battle on its Facebook Fan Page What they should do next? For Nestle right now, there are 3 x steps they need to take: Get personal. Posting as “Nestle” is a big mistake: people respond to people, and Facebook is after all a social network. Get a senior Nestle […]