Social Media Week: Speak Now : Regret Later?

Last night I attended ‘Speak Now : Regret later?’ an event hosted by the Index on Censorship, Youth Media Agency and Student Journals as part of London’s Social Media Week. The talk concerned young people and social media and featured a panel consisting of Maya Wolfe Robinson – Commissioning Editor on Guardian Law and Comment […]

Facebook adds Professional Skills to profile

          Still fighting a war long lost? “Facebook announced its long-awaited job board this morning, ushering in a new era of online recruiting…” That’s a quote from a Forbes article, published 9 months ago. You might remember (or have even tried) Branchout, Jobvite or similar services all promising you Facebook was where you would find […]

Facebook’s updated Promotion rules provide huge opportunity for businesses

In order to help businesses launch their promotions more effectively, Facebook updated its terms and conditions on 27th August, making it easier for businesses to launch their promotions more effectively on their pages. Until now promotions and competitions were only able to run via 3rd party applications, meaning any promotions involving likes, comments and messages […]

How Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm affects your Page

In an effort to continually provide relevant, high quality content to users, Facebook announced some changes to its Edgerank algorithm on Friday.   Our goal is to show the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them. As part of that we want […]

Welcoming HR to the marketing cocoon

The main Facebook page/Twitter channel is almost always the marketing team’s territory. Not that the Marketing department is the only one with a rightful purpose to act there, but mostly because of that old “first come, first served” playground mentality. Recruitment messages are deemed unsexy, irrelevant and negativity-inducing and hence left alone in their own […]

The Carve Intern Insider

We have Harry with us for a couple of months and every week, he’ll be writing about his experiences during the week. This week got off to a slower than anticipated start…! After arriving to work in an extremely fragile state at 9.15am on Monday morning, this past week could really have only got better. […]

Nokia – Global Social Media – Managed Service


Work with Nokia on their global Facebook and Twitter presence to increase the consideration rate of the Lumia and ultimately the number of people switching to a Nokia smartphone.

Social Recruiting Audit

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Carve’s social recruiting audit looks in detail at the market you operate in, your clients and your competitors. The purpose of the audit report is to establish your social recruiting footprint and inform social strategy development.

Digital Development

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Carve Consulting has a number of partnerships with award winning digital development houses. We can assist with the development and integration of websites, apps, social profiles, games and mobile features.

Introducing Facebook Gifts

Looking to find new ideas for monetization, Facebook unveiled today its new product “Facebook Gifts”. You’ll probably agree with me saying that Facebook is definitely the best birthday reminder ever invented and you wish “Happy Birthday” at least twice as more as before. Well, Facebook unveiled “Facebook gifts” to accompany these posts in a blog […]