Social Media Dimensions Blueprint

The design of social media profiles has changed a lot recently, the most noticeable of which was Twitter. Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of the visual aspect of your profiles.

Google+ brand pages: protecting your name

Here we are! Four months in and after having gathered 40M users, Google has finally launched official brand pages on Google, the +pages. Many had elevated expectations regarding those pages, especially regarding customisation: they hoped they would be able to totally brand their page, unlike on Facebook. Unfortunately, they will be disappointed, because on this […]

Carve Social Media Daily 30/08/2011

You probably already know it, the Carve team are a group of massive geeks who love to hang around on the internet to catch every social media related news story. They share it by email, by Twitter, by Facebook, but in the end it always stays in the office. So we’ve decided to share it […]

Google Instant Search

What Google is describing as a “fundamental shift” in search, Google instant is now upon us. Check out the video here:

Top 5 most ‘engaging’ brands in the UK

Three of the top five most engaging brands in the UK (as judged by research agency Hall & Partners) are brands that have defined how we interact on the internet and been at the frontier of the social media revolution so much so none of them actually exist outside the internet. The top five include […]

Google street view to update Australian photos

Make sure you hook up your grey water hose and water your front lawn, trim the hedge and maybe plant a few pansies – Google cars will be coming down your street this Summer capturing images for the Street View feature of Google Maps. Despite concerns about privacy as Asher Moses discussed in the Sydney […]

5 must-read reputation management posts last week

Here are my picks of the best reads last week about things you should consider if you are responsible for your brand’s reputation online. Please note: A big hat tip to Gavin Heaton (or @servantofchaos) who provided the insipration for this post. His weekly “5 must read posts from last week” are great reading which […]

Some questions can’t be answered by Google..

Saw this on ReadWriteWeb and loved it. Great photo from Mykl Roventine on Flickr