Social Media Revolution in Organisations : Blitzkrieg vs. Guerilla

You might have heard of Jeremiah Owyang’s model, “The Five Ways Companies Organize for Social Business”. His framework presents and details 5 organisational models illustrating how companies structure their social media activity across the organisation. Summing it up broadly, here’s how it goes: The Organic model is where companies usually start from: multiple, uncoordinated and […]

Google Buzz enters the social networking matrix. But is it too late?

For those of you who don’t follow the excellent Web Strategy blog written by Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group, here is a link to the matrix he has just built, comparing Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. There’s lots of great stuff in this matrix, and it gives a seriously good SWOT analysis of […]

Socialgraphics: “a customer-centric approach to social strategy”

The always incisive Jeremiah Owyang (who I met at the CSN Conference last year, where we were both speaking) left Forrester Research to join Charlene Li (who wrote Groundswell ) at Altimeter Group last year.. and as you might expect, they’re doing some really interesting stuff. One strand at the moment is around “Socialgraphics a […]

5 must-read reputation management posts last week

Here are my picks of the best reads last week about things you should consider if you are responsible for your brand’s reputation online. Please note: A big hat tip to Gavin Heaton (or @servantofchaos) who provided the insipration for this post. His weekly “5 must read posts from last week” are great reading which […]

Latest on LinkedIn – recommendations more valuable than a reference?

LinkedIn Recommendations & Jeremiah Owyang is an interesting (and comic) article by Jason Alba looking at why you should consider requesting/giving recommendations via your LinkedIn profile. I know there’s a lot of skepticism about LinkedIn in Australia, and it hasn’t perhaps yet proved itself here. Social network strategist Laurel Papworth recently suggested to a packed […]

Brands: be careful what you tweet for

The FT just published a good article on how brands market themselves on Twitter. The article notably compares how Twitter created a hugely successful viral campaign for KFC’s new grilled chicken, whilst Habitat is still suffering from the backlash to its “#MOUSAVI Join the database for free to win a £1,000 gift card” campaign. To […]