Twitter updates on LinkedIn: #in no more

Over the weekend, in a blogpost outlining its plans for the future, Twitter announced that third-party applications and services were not necessarily part of its long-term strategy.

How To Change Your LinkedIn Password

Following the news that up to 6.5 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords have been leaked online, as a precautionary measure we advise that you change your password.

Social Media Training and Education

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Social media training for individuals, teams and organisations.

Linkedin Country URLs

Since we are always asked for this, it makes sense to publish it on the blog. Its the latest list of LinkedIn country URL’s allowing you to deep search, for example, Polish LinkedIn profiles by using (then rest of search string here.) Note you can also search for Poles or Romanians by searching […]

LinkedIn launches Stats for Groups (finally)

Forget the manual counting of discussions and comments or the “guesstimation” of demographics characteristics because today LinkedIn launched “Statistics for Groups”. Surprisingly enough, it’s accessible to any group members. (and shareable on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) LinkedIn Stats gives you pretty much all you need in terms of looking at the growth of your group, […]

SalesForce and LinkedIn

As the understanding and adoption of social networks continues apace in corporate environments, we’re increasingly talking about The Social Company or The Social Enterprise (US meaning, not UK meaning). What does that mean? Well one elegant example is the integration of enterprise tools, such as CRM with social: using the “professional graph” to build richer […]

LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn Signal should be available for most of you today. If you haven’t already seen it, it allows you to create live, dynamic searches for topics of interest to you – just like a twitter search for #socialmedia will show live conversations around so that topic, so you can now save relevant searches via Signal. […]

Employer Reputation 2.0

Paul Harrison recently spoke at Beament Leslie Thomas’ breakfast seminar about “Employer Reputation 2.0″. You can see key takeaways from this seminar here, as Paul discusses with BLT’s Don Leslie about how brands are being defined in the social space. [youtube][/youtube] You can also view slides from the presentation here on Slideshare.

LinkedIn is going to kill your corporate website. (Don’t be scared, it’s good for you.)

A few months ago, while attending the Social Collective Conference in London, Paul Harrison (our lovely CEO) said that “your corporate website is going the way of the fax machine”. The audience remained pretty divided about the topic… As you already know, every company can have its page on LinkedIn. What started as a simple […]

Build your pro network on Twitter using LinkedIN

Having all your clients and customers following you on Twitter has always been a pain (until today). One reason for this is that you probably won’t be able to find them if they use their dog’s name or something like “TheBrain55b1″ to log on Twitter. The other reason is that you don’t need to follow/be […]