Employer Reputation 2.0

Paul Harrison recently spoke at Beament Leslie Thomas’ breakfast seminar about “Employer Reputation 2.0″. You can see key takeaways from this seminar here, as Paul discusses with BLT’s Don Leslie about how brands are being defined in the social space. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_4apXHmkFU&feature=youtu.be[/youtube] You can also view slides from the presentation here on Slideshare.

Can you separate online, offline, professional and private social networks

This is an enlightening presentation for anyone who is involved in social networking by Paul Adams, a UX researcher from Google. Probably most relevant for someone who’s daily actions can be fairly consistently tracked on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter and particularly those who want to keep their personal and professional lives separate online. The Real […]

Vegemite makes 2.0 mainstream but at what price?

Here’s my (collectors?!) jar of Vegemite’s iSnack2.0 which I couldn’t help buy when I saw it at Foodland (at a significant discount) yesterday. And there’s no danger of this jar ever being opened given my family made their own decision on an appropriate name based on their taste test of the original Name Me jar: […]

5 must-read reputation management posts last week

Here are my picks of the best reads last week about things you should consider if you are responsible for your brand’s reputation online. Please note: A big hat tip to Gavin Heaton (or @servantofchaos) who provided the insipration for this post. His weekly “5 must read posts from last week” are great reading which […]

Top 100 Twitter tools – which one is best?

Brian Solis on his PR2.0 blog has collated and published this amazing list of the top 100 ways you can use Twitter. Twitter Client Market Share 1. Web,40.945% 2. API,11.6418% (custom applications, scripts or bots) 3. TweetDeck,6.635% 4. UberTwitter,4.288% 5. twitterfeed,3.9538% 6. txt,3.9254% 7. mobile web,3.567% 8. TwitterFon,2.4622% 9. Tweetie,2.1434% 10. TwitterFox,1.3588% 11. Echofon,1.3356% 12. […]