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Carve has trained a large number of in-house teams on the use of social media. Example training courses we have designed and delivered include: Facebook Community Management, Linkedin Social Selling, Linkedin Thought Leadership, Twitter Advocacy, 5 Social Minutes…

The internet has a long memory…think before you post

Paul Harrison was quoted in an article by Charlotte Gill in the Daily Mail on the 4th April, highlighting why we should all be mindful of what we post online. You can no longer treat your online communications as “private conversations” because online everything you say is published and potentially broadcast to thousands. The full […]

Corporates beware: internet gives consumers x-ray vision

We’re always talking about how consumers are more savvy than they’ve ever been, that they can see right through all the brilliant, creative advertising campaigns, marketing efforts and stratgic PR placements. So, it was not surprising to see the results of this recent report on that showed 54 per cent of Australians can think […]

5 must-read reputation management posts last week

Here are my picks of the best reads last week about things you should consider if you are responsible for your brand’s reputation online. Please note: A big hat tip to Gavin Heaton (or @servantofchaos) who provided the insipration for this post. His weekly “5 must read posts from last week” are great reading which […]

Top 100 Twitter tools – which one is best?

Brian Solis on his PR2.0 blog has collated and published this amazing list of the top 100 ways you can use Twitter. Twitter Client Market Share 1. Web,40.945% 2. API,11.6418% (custom applications, scripts or bots) 3. TweetDeck,6.635% 4. UberTwitter,4.288% 5. twitterfeed,3.9538% 6. txt,3.9254% 7. mobile web,3.567% 8. TwitterFon,2.4622% 9. Tweetie,2.1434% 10. TwitterFox,1.3588% 11. Echofon,1.3356% 12. […]

Twitter Sentiment Tracking

Sometimes I forget that a lot of tools we’re aware of aren’t necessarily known to everyone, so I will try and make a point of remembering to post them up here. Case in point was in Prague yesterday when I did a quick ‘Twitter sentiment snapshot’ of Virgin Atlantic using on the big screen. […]

Reputation management: impact of social media, citizen journalism and online PR

I’ve just been reading a really interesting post by Alex Asigno about the ethics of reputation management. I think it is a particularly tricky area right now as more conversations about brands take place online and more people purport to offer reputation management. It is tricky for a few reasons, firstly because traditionally reputation management […]