Social Recruiting: why the public sector is ignoring the elephant in the room

In 2013, according to a survey led by COSLA, 42% of private sector organisations felt that they “totally understand and are committed to the use of social media” for recruitment purposes. How much for the public sector? 8%. On the other hand, 60% of public sector organisations “might explore social media” or “want to but […]

Is your Social Media Strategy failing?

The Social Illusion Richard Curtis, Head of Strategy at Amaze, gave a webinar yesterday titled “How to succeed where so many fail” as part of the NMA’s webinar series. Here are some key-take aways. Despite most companies saying they do have a social media strategy, most of them are failing to see any benefits. The […]

Carve Social Media Daily 30/08/2011

You probably already know it, the Carve team are a group of massive geeks who love to hang around on the internet to catch every social media related news story. They share it by email, by Twitter, by Facebook, but in the end it always stays in the office. So we’ve decided to share it […]

Saying Thank you Seafarers through Social Media

The IMO is asking the world to say ‘Thank you Seafarers’ on June 25th. Carve has been working closely with the IMO on the social media strategy to support the day. Organisations and individuals can play their part using the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, YouTube and blogger toolkits. The official press release reads: People everywhere […]

International Maritime Organisation – Day of the Seafarer – Social Media Campaign Strategy


“The social networking has resulted in awareness being raised among a significantly larger community of industry members.” IMO Report, Sep. 2011.

VisitBritain International Business Exchange

Looking forward to co-presenting with Justin Reid of VisitBritain later today on the National Tourism Office’s social media strategy, how its been implemented, optimised and measured, a programme on which Carve has worked for nearly a year now. The presentation is to representatives from a wide range of UK attractions, so I think it should […]

Vegemite makes 2.0 mainstream but at what price?

Here’s my (collectors?!) jar of Vegemite’s iSnack2.0 which I couldn’t help buy when I saw it at Foodland (at a significant discount) yesterday. And there’s no danger of this jar ever being opened given my family made their own decision on an appropriate name based on their taste test of the original Name Me jar: […]

Developing a Social Media Strategy

I recently spoke at the British Library on the subject of developing a social media strategy with a focus on social recruiting for the social media in recruitment event Thanks to those of you who attended the event and participated in the debate afterward. For those who didn’t I include a copy of the pres […]