We’re Hiring! Junior Social Media Consultant

One morning over four years ago, fresh out of my French business school and new to London, I had the brilliant idea of googling “Social Media Strategy”. A couple of weeks later I was meeting my first client for Carve and getting introduced by Paul, the founder, to the back-then surprising delights of the London […]

What’s the cultural significance of a hashtag?

Def. hashtag: word or phrase preceded by the ‘#’ symbol. Is commonly used to name the symbol itself. We are living in a period of history known as the information, digital or new media age. Broadly defined as the shift from traditional industry to ‘information computerisation’ we can immediately see just how significant the hashtag […]

Twitter Analytics for Organic Tweets

Marketers have long relied on Facebook Insights for tracking engagement and the performance of their tweets. There hasn’t been, sadly, a Twitter analytics platform for organic tweets, making us rely on third party systems. That is, until now. Twitter recently announced a new Tweet Activity Dashboard. Free for all users (as long as you set […]

The Cybersmile Foundation

  It goes without saying that at Carve , we love social media. Its never ending ability to inform us, trick us, make us laugh and keep us on our toes with constant updates. It truly is an incredibly powerful means of communication that has transformed the way that we as individuals and companies do […]

Social Media Summit London

Right now, the College of Journalism and New York Times are presenting the London Social Media Summit 2014. As always with social media events, the conversation is rarely limited to those in the room and nuggets of wisdom are popping up on Twitter. We’ll be putting together a summary of the top tweets later on […]

Social Media Dimensions Blueprint

The design of social media profiles has changed a lot recently, the most noticeable of which was Twitter. Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of the visual aspect of your profiles.

Moving the conversation beyond social media marketing

Andrew Grill, IBM global partner for social business, is someone whose thinking on the London Calling blog we’ve followed closely since Carve launched back in 2006. Speaking to The Drum  during Advertising Week Europe, Andrew outlines how in his mind social has been sold short, with the relentless focus on marketing and messaging obscuring the […]

What’s Next for Social?

As social media is constantly evolving, it’s a question we are always asking ourselves. Particularly when it comes to maximising the effectiveness of our clients’ social media channels and social business initiatives. With that in mind, here’s some interesting predictions from Kantar Media on the 10 social media key trends to watch out for.

Ask Manpower

Our fundamental belief at Carve is that people do business with people. So, why not help our clients articulate the value of social media to their own clients and other interested parties? Working with ManpowerGroup, the project was to develop a webinar to help increase awareness about ManpowerGroup’s own interest in social media. The two […]

What was your #FirstTweet?

It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube, but everything has to start somewhere! Twitter UK have made it even easier for you to discover what your #FirstTweet was (without you having to scroll through thousands of your insightful thoughts and musings through the years). As twitter turns 8, discover […]