Ask Manpower

Our fundamental belief at Carve is that people do business with people. So, why not help our clients articulate the value of social media to their own clients and other interested parties? Working with ManpowerGroup, the project was to develop a webinar to help increase awareness about ManpowerGroup’s own interest in social media. The two [...]

What was your #FirstTweet?

It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube, but everything has to start somewhere! Twitter UK have made it even easier for you to discover what your #FirstTweet was (without you having to scroll through thousands of your insightful thoughts and musings through the years). As twitter turns 8, discover [...]

What’s new in social

Facebook buys Whatsapp On Wednesday 19th February 2014, Facebook bought the mobile messaging app Whatsapp for $19 billion, a total of $16 billion more than it offered Snapchat. With the media swamped with reports suggesting its demise, this is a strategic move to remain on top as more and more users switch to mobile apps. [...]

Social Recruiting: why the public sector is ignoring the elephant in the room

In 2013, according to a survey led by COSLA, 42% of private sector organisations felt that they “totally understand and are committed to the use of social media” for recruitment purposes. How much for the public sector? 8%. On the other hand, 60% of public sector organisations “might explore social media” or “want to but [...]

Klout knows that content is king

What is your Klout score? Most people do not know the answer to that question and those who do tend to be social media enthusiasts and not just your average user. Your Klout score is a calculation of your influence. To some is a subjective metric but this is, however, about to change. Klout has [...]

Facebook Celebrates its 10th Birthday

With Facebook turning 10 yesterday, we take a look back at Facebook’s long history. From its humble beginning as ‘The Facebook’ to the billion dollar enterprise it has become today. Facebook is 10 on Dipity.

Introduction to Pinterest

What is Pinterest? Pinterest, founded in 2009, is essentially an online pin board. It allows users to ‘pin’ images from across the Internet (with links to the source), which are then collected on their ‘Boards’. However, users can also upload pins directly to the site by uploading an image and providing a text description. Pinterest [...]

What’s new in social

Vine and vanity URLs Vine has become a popular platform of late and brands have flocked to Twitter’s 6 second video app. Previously, however, Vine has been restrictive in terms of devices; it began as a mobile app with the option to share Vines through social media or via email. This is set to change [...]

Forget about Growth Hacking, the future is in the Collaborative Economy

Take a look at this video by Adobe Anyone working in digital can somewhat relate to the overuse of loosely defined marketing words – think ‘big data’ or ‘cloud computing’ (bzzzz). Growth hacking seems to be just another one of them. In colloquial terms, growth hacking is associated with the exploitation of loopholes and the [...]

Guest Blog: Facebook is a Mobile Company – Are You?

This week we have a guest blog from Accord Group: A quick fact: nearly half of Facebook’s advertising revenue now stems from mobile ads. That’s right – of the social network’s $1.8 billion (£1.1 billion) generated in the third quarter of 2013, 49% of it was made up of mobile advertising revenue. Last year, the [...]