Social Media: Change and Trust Agents

Following up on the post on Charlene Li / , the The Havard Business Publishing interview with Groundswell co-author Josh Bernoff is also worth watching. The interview is below, are there are some good takeaways for organisations who are trying to socialize their operations such as identifying and addressing one core objective with stakeholders – […]

Twitter Lists go AWOL: Do you own your database?

Over the last few hours we’ve seen the newish Twitter lists feature disabled and vanish from our screens only to return again apparently completely back to normal. It caused ‘Twitter Lists’ quickly became a high trending topic and quite a lot of concern for many. During the outage I spent some time meeting with Brenton […]

Corporates beware: internet gives consumers x-ray vision

We’re always talking about how consumers are more savvy than they’ve ever been, that they can see right through all the brilliant, creative advertising campaigns, marketing efforts and stratgic PR placements. So, it was not surprising to see the results of this recent report on that showed 54 per cent of Australians can think […]