Carve Social Media Daily 30/08/2011

You probably already know it, the Carve team are a group of massive geeks who love to hang around on the internet to catch every social media related news story. They share it by email, by Twitter, by Facebook, but in the end it always stays in the office. So we’ve decided to share it […]

Have we lost the art of conversation?

The rise of social media usage has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate, but does it mean that the art of conversation is dead? Paul Harrison gave his views on this to BBC Radio this week. He believes that rather than social media tools hampering our ability to talk, we are now able to participate […]

Gary’s social media count

I just discovered Gary’s social media count (when I saw his tweet that it has, quite literally, been an overnight success – 400 RTs in last 24 hrs). The awesome little app shows just how amazingly fast the social web is constantly and rapidly growing: Here’s a bit of background from Gary Hayes blog post […]