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5 ways to think #realtime in talent marketing

Our lives are increasingly influenced by real time news. We all have alerts from our emails, our phones and our wearable tech such as watches and fitness trackers. We are living in an ‘expectation economy’ where as consumers and candidates, we demand more from the communication we have with brands and employers.

But #realtime is not just that two way communication. It’s about having the agility to react to what is happening around us and engage as it happens.

So how do we embrace this #realtime era in the talent space?  Here are 5 ways to start thinking #realtime #talentcomms


Make sure you have alerts set up on all of your owned channels – your website, ATS and social profiles.  You need to at least be aware of comments as they happen to avoid something escalating quickly.  And for recruiters you can set up alerts when a completed application for a hard to fill vacancy is submitted for example,  so they can be contacted immediately.

‘Data in isolation has little value without context’

Think Insights not data

Data alone is meaningless. Take time to establish key data points and analyse these in real time and use these insights as triggers for action. For example, for a recruiter to contact a candidate directly or a thought leader in your business to write a post on a specific topic which may have been raised in a comment.

Optimise campaigns in real time

Look at your campaign data in detail and in real time   Waiting for a weekly or even worse, end of campaign report, is of no use. Dynamic dashboards which collate all of your data points are what to aim for.

When a candidate completes an application you can be alerted immediately and use this information to see that person’s journey to get to that stage. We can see where the majority of that ‘quality’ traffic is coming from and then optimise our campaign creative, time of posting or targeting in line with those criteria.

Think mobile

In this on-demand world, we look for instant information and speedy responses.  Speed is something the recruiting process often lacks from both a candidate perspective and that of employers. Making the recruitment experience accessible on mobile enables both recruiters and candidates to communicate in real time 24/7. Allowing recruiters to review CVs while not at their desk and having simple mobile chat functionality are simple ways to move to a real time model.

Consider automation

Moving to a real time model is not easy to do manually.  But the good news is there is lots of technology around to help us.  Simple listening functionality is available on most social media software, much of which is low cost and simple easy to integrate.  But with expectations of engaging 24/7 chatbots are an obvious solution.  The technology is already here and is being used so it is something more employers need to embrace.

I discussed this with my colleague Emily in #realtime yesterday catch our Periscope here  

I’d love to hear your real time experiences so please do get in touch.