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Deaf Awareness Week: A different perspective

For the past two years, Kate, our Head of Talent and Operations, has written about Deaf Awareness Week and how living with profound, high frequency hearing loss since she was eight affects her everyday work life.

This year we’re looking at Deaf Awareness Week from a different perspective…

I’m new at Carve, just going into my third week, and found it incredibly refreshing that during my induction, deaf awareness was included in my training. I think it goes to show that, like Kate has spoken about in previous blogs, Carve doesn’t just say it’s a progressively inclusive employer, it really is.

One of the pillars of Carve’s principles is that ‘we help our clients connect in new and powerful ways with the people they rely on for success – employees, customers, shareholders and influencers.’ I’ve seen first hand how Carve’s people-first attitude is embodied within #LifeAtCarve; connecting the team to facilitate collaboration, without barriers.

I think it’s important to recognise that whilst Deaf Awareness Week is only highlighted for a short time in the media, the practical application of that awareness needs to be recognised and utilised every single day.

Image credit – Action Deafness