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Is this the end for brands on Facebook?

Facebook has announced a major update to the platform’s newsfeed algorithm, the aim is to focus on conversations and meaningful interactions between friends and family. This has caused major concerns for businesses as it will have a significant impact on Pages, advertisers and marketers and will become more difficult for your posts to reach an audience.

For users, this will affect the content seen from brands and business in the news feed, as personal moments will be favoured over content published from pages, with the overarching aspiration that time spent on the platform is worthwhile and in support of a strong community. 

For businesses, publishers and brands these changes will come as a shock but they highlight the importance of creating relevant and effective campaigns. As a leading social media agency with over a decade of experience in helping the world’s leading organisations #GetSocial, here are our top 5 considerations for you:

1. Optimise advertising budget
Advertising costs will likely rise as a result of the Facebook update. We suggest you re-evaluate your budget and ROI and reallocate funds where they are most beneficial. The most predictable way to reach a larger audience will be through paid content.

2. Adjust spend
Being smart with your spend will give your brand a competitive advantage. We highly recommend that you research and understand how your competitors are spending their money, and importantly where, and use this as a benchmark. 

3. Generate branded “meaningful interactions”
A crucial change to Facebook is the way content is measured – what is a “meaningful interaction”? Traditional signals like how many people react, comment or share a post have previously been used to determine importance. Now it’s time to figure out what content resonates the best with your audience and sparks engagement; post more of this.

4. Invest in Facebook Live
This incredible feature boasts three times more engagement than conventional video. It’s time to use this as an opportunity to make up for lost views on other organic content. Facebook Live should take a leading role in your digital strategy.

5. Realtime metrics
Benchmark engagement alongside your digital marketing, this means you are able to adjust your metrics in realtime and prevent any negative impact on your brand reach. Your metrics should be a reflection of the new “meaningful interaction” framework.