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Carve Consulting | Manpower: Ask Manpower
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Design & Build
Social Networking
About This Project
The challenge

Manpower was looking to launch a campaign that would pull together their marketing strategy, sales performance and client relationships. Carve was engaged to find a way to leverage their quarterly campaign ‘Better Access’ and create an all-encompassing ‘social solution’ to answer 4 key objectives: support the sales efforts of Manpower consultants, generate more leads for the company, capture contact data for existing and new Manpower clients and to change existing perceptions of Manpower as an organisation that is not forward thinking.

The Solution

With multiple objectives and varied audiences Carve proposed a Google Hangout.  The idea was to have a debate hosted by panellists with varied social media expertise and opinions around the value of social networking. The Hangout covered expert discussions: personal branding online, the business value of networking, social media at work and best practice tutorials.

Complementing the Hangout and supporting Manpower’s commitment to social business thinking, Carve created a guide (‘Social Networks: A snapshot’), providing an insightful overview of social media platforms and its business usage.. The guide was designed to appeal to a diverse audience, both prospective and existing customers. Users expressed interest in the Hangout and/or the guide via the Ask Manpower microsite using a simple data capture form.

Carve designed a new name and brand for the campaign – ‘Ask Manpower’. This brand has been used for all successive campaigns, helping position Manpower as thought leaders and innovators.

The result

The project was reported at board level as being “one of the best campaigns in six years”, resulting in a significant increase in sales activity – 1500 calls were made in one week, securing 445 meetings , in effect doubling the usual number of contacts made. Manpower was also able to capture data via the registration microsite and now use this model for ongoing sales activity.