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Carve Consulting | Aviva: #DevChallenge
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Employee Advocacy, Gamification, Social Recruiting
About This Project

Aviva is one of the biggest names in insurance and financial services, the sixth largest financial services organisation in the world.

Application Developers have always been a difficult skill-set for Aviva to recruit. One of the main challenges was the perception Aviva as an employer for technical roles.  But as an organisation they use some of the most up-to-date software packages and utilise state-of-the-art site testing products to ensure their online service provides a positive, fluid and efficient customer experience.

Aviva wanted to re-invigorate their brand for this particular audience. The project was also chosen as one of the pilots for Aviva’s Global Digital Transformation strategy.  The brief was to design a campaign utilising social networks to promote Aviva as an employer of choice for Application Developers and to generate applications for live vacancies.


Through engagement with Aviva’s CIO , IT Head of Functions and Application Developers at Aviva, Carve could establish the exact work undertaken by Application Developers as well as their perception of Aviva. Carve used this information to create a campaign to showcase Aviva, their culture and the work they do through specific microsite for Application Developers and social employee advocacy. The microsite targeted a very specific audience resulting in the landing page being written completely in code – to an Application Developer this would explain the purpose of the site.

The Application Developers created a series of challenges for the site which varied in difficulty, replicating the complexity of the work Aviva undertakes. An integrated social feed on the site also enabled users to engage with Aviva.

Internal engagement was key to the success of the campaign and the site was designed to be promoted through social employee advocacy. Regular Twitter and Facebook using #devchallenge broadcasts and shares on LinkedIn meant the campaign site was promoted and endorsed by the very community Aviva were looking to attract, helping the Aviva Recruitment Team to create a database for more targeted recruitment.


The site increased the level of traffic to the IT section on the Aviva careers site by 60.5%, over 36,000 people were reached by #devchallenge, users spent over three minutes on the site and the challenges had over 3,400 page views. The IT function at Aviva were really engaged with the concept and continued to produce new challenges to ensure the content on the site remained fresh and engaging. The internal recognition the Aviva Recruitment Team got for this campaign has raise their profile and their involvement in other areas of the business has increased as a result. One of the most satisfying results, was that the CIO Rob Houghton said, “This is awesome!” and now fully supports the innovative use of social networks to promote Aviva as an employer of choice for tactical and company-wide recruitment campaigns.