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About This Project
The challenge

The Swansea-based Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is undergoing a significant digital transformation aiming to bring most of its key transactions online. The DVLA had a recruitment need for Software Engineers at all levels to bring that digital strategy to life. In order to attract such candidates, the DVLA had to face a number of challenges: the market for software engineers is very competitive and London-centric, there was no employer brand for DVLA and finally the public sector is not a destination of choice for software engineers.

The solution

To overcome such challenges, DVLA needed to create and tailor its employer brand to the target audience and find a way to reach talent beyond traditional broadcast channels. We quickly established that social media would be the channel of choice to attract digital talent to Swansea. A set of key employer brand messages was created for the 3 target groups. For the first time, two recruitment-specific channels were created (Facebook and Twitter) and an advertising budget was agreed in order to drive reach and engagement.


The campaign lasted a month. 50 social media updates were created across 3 different campaigns targeted at the 3 core audiences: “Meet the team” was based on interviews we conducted with current digital team members, “Ready for take-off” focused on affordable lifestyle and continuous development and “Tired of London” consisted of bespoke photos poking fun at London-specific annoyances. With a modest budget for targeted advertising on Facebook and Twitter, the updates received 750,000 impressions and gathered 8,000 engagements. DVLA received 121 applications and DVLA’s career-focused community on social now has over 3,000 members.