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Strategy & Advisory
About This Project
The Challenge

Goldsmiths communications objectives are numerous, ranging from encouraging student applications to promoting their rich academic heritage to the wider public. Social media has quickly become one of their most influential and agile communication channels in recent years, but one that did not have a structured approach. How could they create a focused social strategy that would talk to academics, industry experts, political influencers, students, prospects, the local community, alumni and staff, all at the same time? How do you tell a consistent story to such diverse audiences, across different platforms, that are managed by dozens of different stakeholders?

The Solution

Carve worked closely with Goldsmiths on an advisory basis, providing them with all the tools, training and guidance to conduct a social media audit. This included audience analysis and segmentation, content appraisals, competitor benchmarking and platform scoring. This research-led approach allowed Goldsmiths and Carve to devise a strategy that will expand their audiences, improve internal workflow, bring the Goldsmiths story to life through a focused content plan, translate Goldsmiths’ values with a unique tone of voice, increase the sense of inclusion within the Goldsmiths community and finally measure the impact with robust social media metrics.

The Results

Carve received excellent feedback from the Goldsmiths communications team after the presentation of the strategy which they will be implementing in FY15. The strategy will be translated into an accessible playbook and social media handbook for internal distribution across various Goldsmiths departments. And whilst the strategy has not been fully implemented yet, results are already noticeable – within 4 months there was a 30% increase in followers on Instagram and a 20% increase on Facebook, without the use of paid promotion.