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Content & Community
About This Project
The challenge

Based in Hethel (UK), Lotus Cars is a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars with a diverse range, such as the Lotus Elise, the Lotus Exige S and the Lotus Evora. Our objective was simple – to increase sales and promote the Lotus brand. At Carve, we took the gamble to achieve this objective using social media and online lead generation.

The solution

After a complete takeover of Lotus Cars’ online communities (Facebook & Twitter)  and an in-depth redesign of their social media strategy, we created lead-capturing landing pages to start driving traffic down the sales funnel. Four main traffic drivers have been implemented :

  • Community management: maximise Lotus’ organic reach within its communities on social media

  • Paid ads: target those likely to invest in a Lotus

  • Bloggers: relationships with automotive and lifestyle blogs were created in order to initiate partnerships and collaborative projects

  • Monitoring: listening of online conversations looking for buying signals where Lotus could engage and generate interest or consideration


The new content strategy led to a 400% increase in reach and a 300% increase in engagement on Lotus’ owned social media platforms. More than 6,000 clicks to landing pages were generated with a conversion rate of 3.33%, resulting in 200 leads. Relationships with four major automotive blogs were successfully started.