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Carve Consulting | ManpowerGroup: 18 months to Change the game
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Research & Insights
Social Networking, Social Strategy
About This Project

In early 2013, we designed #Relationshipsmatter; a strategy and roadmap for ManpowerGroup UK to become a social business. The strategy, which is still core to ManpowerGroup’s activities in late 2014, was built on 3 pillars: better access to talent, enhanced brand reputation and sales proposition and ultimately, improved efficiency through internal use of social technologies. We wanted assess how much this strategy had impacted the business, specifically from an employees’ perspective.


We created an employee survey which was shared across the entire business in January 2013, July 2013 and again in August 2014. The survey was designed to measure overall and platform-specific use of social media for professional purposes but also perceptions around individual skills, company-wide adoption and competitive advantage. Additionally, some questions served as feedback to evaluate future training requirements.


By August 2014, over two thirds of employees felt that they had received good or excellent support around social media (vs. 5% in January 2013) and more than half are now using social technologies as an integral part of their work routine. For 75% of employees, ManpowerGroup’s adoption of social media is now significant or total (vs. only 9% in January 2013). In 18 months, social media became a primary performance driver at all levels of the organisation. #Gamechanging.