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About This Project
The challenge

Manpower Group wanted to show their employees how social media could help them do their jobs.

But how do you engage a workforce of 1000 to change the way they work?

The solution

The Internal gamification programme ‘Are You in the Game?’ was a real-life scenario game on social networks running for a period of 2 weeks. It was incentivised with individual and team prizes at key stages. Two fictitious personas were created and profiles set up for Monica Dorsey on LinkedIn and Simon Berners-Lee on Twitter.

The game comprised 5 distinct stages where the subsequent stage was revealed on completion of a specific task. Each stage drew on skills included in the company wide training programme.

  • 65.9% of the business played the game across its 2 week duration
  • 35% completed the game (initial expectations were just 2-5%)
  • 20% increase in number of LinkedIn profiles of Manpower Group employees
  • Significant buzz across the whole business at all levels, with teams and individuals actively competing against each other
  • An increase in the number of personal social profiles created
  • Identification of ‘social media champions’ – selecting those who played the game exceptionally well
  • Social networking solutions have been at the heart of many new business strategies and have helped secure business
  • 2 more training games have been designed after the success of the first