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Training & Transformation
About This Project
The challenge

Since the roll out of our #RelationshipsMatter strategy in 2013, Manpower has continually looked for ways to increase its reputation as a social business. A key milestone in this ongoing transformation was the global introduction of the Google product suite across the entire business. At management level, Google was an obvious strategic choice with the aim of encouraging collaboration and communication across different divisions and geographies to maximise sales effectiveness. At an operational level, the adoption of a new platform or tool was met with some resistance and initial figures revealed that the initial take up and usage of the Google product suite was very low. Carve was tasked with creating a solution to encourage employees to: activate their Google accounts, explore its features and begin communicating with colleagues.

The solution

The solution required ManpowerGroup employees not only to activate, but to begin using Google tools and discover benefits for themselves. Due to the need to create something intrinsically motivating (or fun), Carve proposed an internal gamification programme. As the timescales coincided with the holiday period, a light-hearted Christmas themed treasure hunt was developed. ‘Help find Rudolph’ was hosted entirely using Google tools with different stages lending themselves to key Google functionality. Employees were required to active their accounts and sign in to Google to get their first clue hosted within a specialist community. Subsequent stages required employees to access Google Drive, interact with community members, problem solve and work collaboratively on documents, use Google + search to identify a new contact and use Google Forms to submit information.


During the one week campaign period: 496 ManpowerGroup employees engaged with the game, as a result 430 employees successfully navigated and joined a specialist community, 685 posts and comments were left, alongside 561 plus ones. 316 employees collaborated using Google documents and 354 employees successfully completed the game. In addition ManpowerGroup reported a 16.7% increase in the amount of Google accounts activated over the week.

As well as the empirical results, ‘Help find Rudolph’ has also aided in identifying pockets of excellence among the workforce, and the internal buzz created means that ManpowerGroup employees now look to their own internal community for hints, tips and assistance.