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Carve Consulting | RB: What is the Value of a Fan?
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Research & Insights
Analytics, Social Business
About This Project
The Challenge

Carve started working with RB in March 2014, managing their global channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By September, the total size of RB’s community had increased by 37% and the number of monthly engagements multiplied by 10. Beyond those numbers, we needed to understand if the digital strategy was delivering on our core objectives of increasing RB awareness and positioning RB as *the* destination employer for #Gamechangers (RB’s target talent audience)

The Solution

Cave designed a bespoke research programme to understand if being a Fan of RB equates to a better understanding of RB, and an increased likelihood to apply. We created an online survey and promoted a prize draw using neutral Facebook ads to two sample groups of RB fans and fans of competitors’ pages. The size of the sample groups would allow for a good approximation of the discrepancies in familiarity and attractiveness towards RB between RB Fans and non RB Fans.

The Results

The survey was based on 400 responses. The results demonstrated that fans of RB’s Facebook page were 50% more likely to be very familiar with RB as an employer and twice as likely to put RB in their top 3 employers. Moreover, RB fans were 50% more likely to have applied or to be willing to apply for a job at RB. The survey allowed us to validate our digital strategy and develop further tactics to build on our initial success.