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Carve Consulting | Wellcome Trust: Building an alumni network
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About This Project
The challenge

The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. It supports the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. A Wellcome Trust employee survey highlighted two areas of concern. Firstly, a limited career progression in the Trust in terms of moving into senior management roles, and secondly a lack of sharing experiences.

Our challenge was to build an effective programme designed to engage current Wellcome Trust  employees and alumni, support the ‘digital first’ strategy, promote the concept of a ‘relationship for life’ and demonstrate the part Wellcome Trust played in alumni’s careers.

The solution

The programme consisted of two key elements; Identification and Engagement.

Carve carried out a community mapping exercise on LinkedIn to identify current staff and alumni who listed Wellcome Trust as their employer. In total, 865 individuals were identified and invited to phase two of the programme; Engagement.

In order to effectively build a community in which current staff and alumni could reconnect, Carve created the Wellcome Trust Network group on LinkedIn. This group was branded with Wellcome Trust imagery and managed by the Carve team on a daily basis, inviting alumni that Carve had mapped to join the network.

Working with the internal communications team at Wellcome Trust we moderated the group on a daily basis, and developed a detailed weekly content plan, which included internal news, events and external careers tips and advice. Whilst engaging with the group members on a daily basis, Carve also identified active community members and highlighted these individuals to the internal communications team for offline engagement and potential inclusion in future Wellcome Trust activities.


Throughout our 3 month managed service we achieved the following:

  • 41% of the 865 individuals identified through our community mapping exercise joined the Wellcome Trust Network
  • 61% of the Wellcome Trust Network consisted of alumni members
  • 26 of the 355 total group membership were highly active members, representing 17 different industries.

Carve engaged with 5 individuals who shared their career paths with the group to demonstrate the part that Wellcome Trust played in their careers. Carve also made contact with an alumni group member who proceeded to make direct, offline contact with the internal communications team regarding future involvement with careers events at Wellcome Trust.