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The prevalence of artificial intelligence marketing in brands

The prevalence of artificial intelligence marketing in brands

Artificial intelligence has exploded on to the markets in a very short space of time and created a surge of tech disruption. We are hearing of new developments on a daily basis and the ones we’ve seen in recent years are just the tip of the iceberg, as we look to the future, envisage fully-autonomous cars and smarter cities. As AI continues to grow, there will of course be questions about the pros and cons and its effect on the workplace, but 41% of consumers believe the intelligence will do more good than harm.

Brands are always looking for new ways to tell their story. With customisation a key factor in this process, it comes as no real surprise marketing agencies are turning to artificial intelligence. AI is becoming smart enough to work out the needs of consumers and tailor information they send out accordingly.

Research by RocketFuel has revealed millennials are particularly receptive to the use of AI in advertising. 80% of 25-34 year olds surveyed stated that they see value in brands engaging them with, and an additional 62% seeing the value of using AI to make suggestions on products or services that they might want based on their interests. Products and services online have increased so much over the past year and consumers seem to be keen for brands to provide them with a more personalised experience.

A platform that removes the complexities of modern marketing

At current there is only one Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform on the market and it is called Albert. The prevalence of AI has transformed the way in which consumers are able to complete transactions.

Built from the ground up, Albert is an autonomous machine that needs little human manipulation to complete tasks across all channels. His capabilities eradicate the need for humans and perform tasks at such a speed and scale they are efficient and effective for consumer interactions.

Chatbot helps Alzheimer’s sufferers remember by chatting to themselves

Chat Yourself was created by the Italian Ministry of Health on Facebook Messenger and acts as a constant and proactive method to help with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The chatbot collects the entire life of the Alzheimer’s sufferer and gives them back vital information 24 hours of the day.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the bot is able to interact with the sufferer without asking them to learn specific commands. Push notifications enable the bot to engage without any requests or interactions. The team trained the chatbot to answer any possible needs, in real time at any time.

Dulight – Eyes in to the future

Andrew NG, chief scientist at Chinese tech giant Baidu has unveiled a prototype called Dulight. The small piece of tech contains a tiny camera that captures anything in front of you, a stranger’s face, a shop window, a parked car – and send the images to an app on your smartphone. The app analyses the images and determines what they show, this then generates an audio description that’s heard through an earpiece.

This device was invented for the blind, however it has massive potential for the future, just imagine how marketing will shape this tech to watch what products we use and buy, to then market back to us.