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Transforming digital businesses, one MVP at the time.

Transforming digital businesses, one MVP at the time.

I have always been curious about how businesses adapt in order to unlock new ways to drive growth. For the last 3 years, I have been helping businesses transform the way they operate to become digitally connected. One thing that always struck me was that even though digital transformation is our core expertise, transforming our own business isn’t something easy to achieve.

During this time, I have seen big agencies launching Labs to drive innovation via R&D and rapid experimentation, through adopting startup behaviours within well-established businesses. This fresh outlook allows them to challenge the oft-seen burden of bureaucracy, heavy processes or legacy ways of working, and is an approach that works.

Agencies who do not think innovation first are at risk: the risk of becoming obsolete in a world that literally changes every day, the risk of being driven by their clients rather than driving them, and the risk of not keeping their employees excited.

These agencies might very well become specialists and turn into factories for services X, Y or Z which is fine to scale revenues and profits in the short term, but is not really sustainable from a long term growth & business strategy point of view. And certainly not the best way to maintain a certain level of fun, challenge and excitement in the working environment.

Carve has always had a different approach when it comes to pushing boundaries and doing things for the first time; quenching the team’s thirst for innovation and challenges. For the past 10 years, one of Carve’s revenue drivers has been to train people on how to best use social media to achieve their business objectives. As an agency working with a lot of B2B organisations, teaching businesses how to use LinkedIn efficiently has historically been a pillar of our approach. However, these projects are quite time consuming and hard to scale.

In 2016, Carve launched its Labs, a startup within the business, dedicated to innovation and with a high focus on mobile and web development projects. The end goal being to achieve scalable revenues via digital products owned by Carve.

In that context, I knew I was knocking at the right door when I approached our managing partner with an idea for an iOS app that could help us scale our training and transformation division. By giving Labs its first in-house build project, we would drastically increase Carve’s credibility in the sphere. If you think about it, what better way to show potential prospects that we’re capable of building mobile apps than by initially doing it for ourselves.

Having spent the last 2.5 years teaching myself how to build iOS apps, I saw the opportunity to put these skills to the test with a proper commercial build. The suggestion was well received and I joined Labs with the mission to build Carve’s first app.

That’s how I started designing and building ConnectIn, an iOS app to help LinkedIn users optimise their LinkedIn profiles. The app became even more relevant at the beginning of 2017 when LinkedIn changed their profile pages and amended its user experience on desktop. Many of our clients felt lost and rang up asking for LinkedIn tips and advice on best practice.

Fast forward a couple months, we’re proud to finally release ConnectIn on the iOS App Store.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, , you might want to give it a try:

  • I feel lost following LinkedIn’s changes in 2017
  • I wonder if LinkedIn can help me find a job?
  • I never know where to start when I need to update my LinkedIn profile
  • I need LinkedIn profile tips and best practices
  • I wonder if LinkedIn groups are useful?
  • I need LinkedIn summary examples as I always struggle writing mine
  • I wonder if my LinkedIn should be the same as my resume?
  • I want to inspire my colleagues or employees to get on LinkedIn and become advocates of my brand or company
  • I feel like I need a LinkedIn coach but you do not have time for 1-2-1 coaching session
  • I am a student who just created my LinkedIn profile and I need guidance to get started

ConnectIn is available for free on the App Store and we’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

You can find the app here.


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Hope you like it.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about ConnectIn or about what we’re up to at Carve.

Til next time,


PS: if you’re interested in knowing more about how I learnt how to build apps, I’d recommend my last two blog posts, Why I decided to learn how to code and From zero to iOS developer

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