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Why you need Snapchat as part of your resourcing strategy

You might not have used Snapchat – or Snap Inc as the company refers to itself since September last year – but you’ll definitely have heard of it. When you think of Snapchat you probably think of a millennial audience sharing ‘funny’ videos and pictures with their friends and which then disappear. However, given its rise to prominence with over 150 million users, 10 billion video views per day and 60% of all smartphone users, Snapchat cannot be brushed aside as just a platform for teens any longer.

The question you may ask is how can I use a social tool such as Snapchat as part of a comprehensive talent strategy?


Snapchat provides a powerful opportunity for storytelling, to showcase your employee stories and humanise your brand in a fun way. However, it’s important to remember, content works best when it resonates directly with users and is not always recognised as ‘employer branding’.

It’s likely that you will be attending or hosting events such as career fairs, company days, product launches and charity events over the course of the year. This should be the moment to showcase content that allows users to experience these events with you. Think informal and personal content such as mini interviews, live video streams and photos which aim to tell a ‘story’ about who you are as a company.

The Reality

Candidates are attracted to a company when they can see ‘real’ people in a ‘real’ work environment. After all, a good culture fit for candidates is important when it comes to long-term productivity and happiness. Snapchat is a great platform on which to show the reality of working at your company and the best way to do this is to ‘hand over the microphone’ to your employees. Trust them to tell their own story, perhaps focusing on the environment they work in, day-to-day office ‘happenings’, charity days and fun perks associated with working with you.

Remember the key to a great Snapchat strategy is to be authentic – an over-used word I am reluctant to use! But with a bit of thought and creative execution it really can help to humanise your brand.

Real Time

And with the launch of the new Snap Spectacles late last year, real-time content is more easy than ever to create. We got our hands on a pair of Snap Spectacles last week, pretty exciting as these are still only available from pop up ‘Snapbots’ in the US.

If you want to find out more, then download our guide to Snapchat. Whether you are totally new to the platform and need help getting started, or you are an active snapper, download our guide to find out about new features and how you can engage with your target audience on Snapchat.

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